Saturday, September 5, 2009

How to Become a Effective Learner

There are different way we can study.I was in my childhood,When i read something nothing is coming to my mind .I cant able to re-collect anything.Now a days if i read something ,it is there in my mind. what was the mistake i had done in my childhood? I researched on it these are some of the points i found out

Keep learning new things
Keep learning new things will improve the brain memory power .And practice it to keep remains in brain. Piratical knowledge is always better than theoretical knowledge :)

Compare Things
Compare what you studied with something in real life.visualize things that you studied .

Share knowledge
This is the best way to get lot of ideas. When you share your knowledge with some one ,They will ask some doubts.Research the things ,what your friend is asked,this will multiply your knowledge.Better things are write good blogs ,participate in online activities .I am a technical guy what i am doing is writing my technical blog and participate in stackoverflow and k-Mug(where i started all these activities)

Research works
Always do research in your area.Which gives more doubts and more solutions.Which makes you more knowledgeable person in your filed.This is the reason company is looking for experience candidates.

Don't do Multi Tasking
Some of the people those who are intrested in multi tasking .If a computer is doing multi tasking ,then also its memory is splited for this.So think about a human ,his efficiency also splited into multiple :) .
E.g : if you are reading some thing and thinking something else, What are the things are come to mind :(

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